Who We Are

Community News is a highly trusted voice and source of information for the people of Perth. Established in 1985, Community News has been serving the local community for over 30 years and our aim has always been to campaign, inform and connect.

Our weekly newspapers, bespoke print publications, website, e-newsletters and social media channels allow us to reach a combined print and digital audience of 913,000 people each month*.

Our local area marketing experts can help you create a campaign encompassing all aspects of print and digital advertising.

*source: emma TM conducted by Ipsos MediaCT CMV June 2019. Nielsen DRM. Community News Print + online L4W

Our Community

Scroll through the images below for an overview of our readers (print and digital)

All Audiences


Women 25 - 54


Males aged 25 - 54


Baby Boomers


Aged 65+


Have Children under 18


Social Grade A


Intend to buy property in
next 12 months


*source: emma TM conducted by Ipsos MediaCT CMV June 2019. Nielsen DRM. Community News Print + online L4W

Our Publications

Residential runs in all of our printed editions. Scroll through the front covers to view circulation and digital readership for these editions. Click here to read your local paper online.

Joondalup Times
Times Zone

Circulation: 26,725*
Online Page Views: 98,718** 
as per Joondalup Times digital


Stirling Times
Times Zone

Circulation: 17,350*
Online Page Views: 84,759**
as per Stirling Times digital


Wanneroo Times
Times Zone

Circulation: 22,875*
Online Page Views: 253,907**
as per Wanneroo Times digital


Western Suburbs Weekly
Cambridge & Stirling
Western Zone

Circulation: 27,525*
Online Page Views: 452,153**
as per Western Suburbs Weekly digital


Western Suburbs Weekly
Western Zone

Circulation: 28,575*
Online Page Views: 452,153*
as per Western Suburbs Weekly digital


Reporter - Bayswater & Bassendean
Reporter Zone

Circulation: 15,975*
Online Page Views: 94,758**
as per Eastern Reporter digital  


Reporter - Vincent & Stirling
Reporter Zone

Circulation: 14,825*
Online Page Views: 94,758**
as per Eastern Reporter digital  
Online Page Views: 29,186**
as per Guardian Express digital


Canning Gazette
Gazette (East) Zone

Circulation: 17,525*
Online Page Views: 22,750**
as per Canning Times digital


Southern Gazette
Gazette (East) Zone

Circulation: 20,425*
Online Page Views: 30,878**


Fremantle Gazette
Gazette (West) Zone

Circulation: 13,675*
Online Page Views: 31,721**


Melville Gazette
Gazette (West) Zone

Circulation: 28,850*
Online Page Views: 17,224**


Coastal Times
South Coast Zone

Circulation: 31,418***
Online Page Views: 87,135**

* Publisher’s claim Nov 2019
** Google Analytics Nov 2019  *** CAB Sep 2019

Print Solutions

Be seen with a full, half, quarter or eighth page advertisement in the Residential section.

Full Page

380mm (h) x 262mm (w)

Half Page

188mm (h) x 262mm (w)

Quarter page

92mm (h) x 262mm (w) horizontal
188mm (h) x 129mm (w) vertical

Eighth page

92mm (h) x 129mm (w)


The Seven Key Strengths of Inserts

  1. We can deliver your catalogues to “No Junk Mail” addresses.
  2. Target catalogues by paper, postcode, suburb, or in a radius around a specified address.
  3. Target catalogues by demographics such as income, age or country of birth.
  4. Regular and independent audits occur on our delivery quantities.
  5. Your catalogues are more likely to get into the home using Community newspapers as a vehicle for distribution.
  6. Press advertisements can be creatively used to point people towards viewing your catalogue.
  7. Your catalogues are protected from the weather.

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Digital Solutions

Digital Sponsored Content

Tailored content that can tell the story of your brand or service in an engaging and newsworthy article that will sit amongst other news stories on our website. It will gain traction from Facebook posts linking to your article.


Every week, our eNewsletters inform, inspire and connect our readers with local news headlines and events. eNewsletters drive response and are perfect for lead generation and driving customers to your website.

Digital Display Advertising

Promote your business with a leaderboard, MEDREC or Half Page ad on www.communitynews.com.au. Run of Network (RON) will have no targeting, or you can target your advertising by publication, area or website category.

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Vivien Yap, Ray White Dalkeith/Claremont

"I closely track where my buyers come from, and can confidently say: there is huge value in print!"

David Milkovits, Maxpro

"Put simply, print delivers me more buyers. It captures an audience that may not even be looking in your suburb. More buyers means more competition and that means higher prices for my sellers.”

Jan Di Rosso, Ray White Uxcel

“Staying with local print has brought great results to my sellers and buyers over many years. Local is simply the best.”

Devon Kelly, Laurie Kelly Real Estate

“Having personally sold nearly 100 local properties in the last 12 months, local paper advertising forms an integral part of my marketing plan with the results speaking for themselves!”

Kirstin Dunn, Semple Property Group

“Advertising in Community News ensures that we are reaching the maximum number of consumers in our local area.”

Craig Boyanich, Rayner Real Estate

“As a local agency, it makes sense that we advertise through a local newspaper. The Guardian Express allows us to reach more potential buyers and prospective tenants.”


Get in touch with one of our local area marketing experts now to discuss solutions to meet your advertising needs!

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